Color Separation

ARTWORK EXPERT provide screen print separations that WORK, and a FAST turn over to keep your press running!

We take out the guess work, and provide you with quicker screen set ups, predictable results, and brighter colors for beautiful prints -every time.

There are several types of color separations for screen printing. Starting with spot color separations for simple designs to simulated process color separations for high end photographic designs. We evaluate each separation individually to determine what sep technique will work best for the image with respect to what color substrate it’s printing on.

The color separation process is a crucial element in the development of a great screen print. Over the years we have worked closely with brand owners, art directors, printers, even ink and equipment companies to fine tune our color separations skills. We can appreciate the special requirements needed to overcome many variables within the screen print industry.

Separations include spec sheets with PMS colors, recommended print order, and mesh count suggestions. We also provide a proof with halftones and color bar that simulates what the final print should look like. Completed separations are downloaded from our server, and archived for many years.


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