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Raster to Vector, an image can be either be in raster or vector formats. Although these two formats are not commonly known as such, the effects of both are well known everyone. Images in the raster formats are usually file types represented as jpg, png formats and vector formats are  in .ai  .eps .cdr file type.

Artwork Expert is 100% manual Raster to Vector conversion services for everyone. Raster images are those images which are consisted of a number of pixels – or dots of color – that together create a complete image. These can be saved in different formats, but their important attribute is resolution, or in other words, their level of detail or quality – measured in dpi, which is known as dots per inch. The higher image resolution and dpi, the better quality of picture. This is very important when it comes to printing in a large area, such as poster, logo, and billboard. You can’t have better output from them unless you have very high resolution image, printing quality will significantly deteriorate when you increase the size. There is some good alternative is available for you, you just need to know where to look for.


ARTWORK EXPERT has highly skilled professionals who work on raster to vector conversion as well as vector to raster conversion effectively. The image conversion service is provided for clients of all project sizes ranging from small, medium to large.

We focus on customer relationship, exclusive service feature, on-time delivery, providing competitive edge over the competitors, exclusive resources, and maximize profits. We always find a way to increase our output and convenient payment options.


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